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When you spend a good portion of a game giggling uncontrollably, you know it’s either been a very good day, or Kei Igawa was pitching in sunglasses. Kei had the day off today, so my amusement was focused on an absolute ass-whipping the Yankees laid on the D-Rays.

Shelley Duncan is my new favorite lurch, and his nickname is Frankenstein, as far as I’m concerned. (See yesterday’s Letter to Joe for an explanation). Three bombs in his first three starts for the Yanks. Expect a lull, however, because I picked him up for my fantasy team after his first bomb today. There is no worse jinx.

Three series wins in a row to start the nominal second half of the season. 7.5 behind Boston, 6.0 behind Cleveland for the Wild Card (pending the outcome of tonight’s game) Keep it up.

Letter to the Skipper:


Player of The Game: Shelley Duncan, 2 for 4, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 2 walks, 2 curtain calls.

by Brian on Jul 22 2007