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Roger Clemens will not appeal his 5-game suspension for beaning Alex Rios on Tuesday in Toronto. He'll begin serving his suspension tonight. This is a very smart move by Clemens and the Yanks, because by serving the suspension now, he won't miss a start against one of the better teams in the American League. Clemens was scheduled to make his next start on Monday, the 13th against Baltimore. The suspension will push him back two days, and he'll probably start on Wednesday, the 15th against the O's.

If Clemens had appealed, he could've been forced to serve the suspension at an inopportune time (the Yankees play Cleveland, Detroit and Boston over the next three weeks). Now, the suspension will be out of the way, and they won't have to lean on a spot-starter against one of the stronger teams.

The list of fines levied as a result of Tuesday's game is laughable:

A-Rod: $1,000
Torre: $750
Larry Bowa: $500
Tony Pena: $500
Fining A-Rod $1,000 is like fining me 1 penny. Actually, it's probably less than a penny.
by Brian on Aug 10 2007
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