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There’s no kind way to put this. Kyle Farnsworth is a piece of crap. If you missed the game, the Yankees should’ve lost due to Farnsworth trying to pick off a runner who was standing on first base. He threw the ball away, and the run scored to give the Blue Jays a 2–1 lead in the bottom of the eighth. It’s appalling that the worst guy in the Yankee pen is entrusted with getting the ball to Mo in the ninth.

Luckily, Melky Cabrera plays for the Yankees. Yes, Robinson Cano had the game-winner in the 10th, but without Melky’s clutch hit and stolen base in the ninth, the Yankees lose. Pettitte was excellent tonight, and Luis Vizcaino continues to dominate out of the pen.


Player of The Game: Melky Cabrera, 3 for 4, 1 run, 1 stolen base.

by Brian on Jul 18 2007