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The Yanks pushed the win streak to four, demoralized a “surging” Royals team, and welcomed a new prospect into the world, all in one glorious night. Skidmark was stellar and any young pitchers who want to know how to pitch when your offense gives you a lead, here is some sage advice:

"The guys jumped out there, and from that point you just go out there and throw strikes and try to stay away from walking anybody."

Sounds simple, right? Phil Hughes needs to get back ASAP, if for no other reason than to absorb some knowledge from the old dude.

In other Yankee news, Doctor Proctor is the proud father of a baby boy, no word on whether he delivered the baby himself (he'll rejoin the team on Wednesday). Phil Hughes was scheduled to make his 4th rehab start tonight in Scranton, but it got washed out. He’ll go tomorrow. Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy have both been promoted to AAA Scranton. What does this mean? Well, the rumor on the Internets has been that the Yanks want Joba in the Bronx, in the pen, sometime in August. This could be the first step in making that happen. This could also mean the Yanks are seriously looking to deal one of their bullpen guys. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it’s Farnsworth and not the new daddy. In my wildest dream, this means Mussina is headed to the bench and Bombers think Kennedy could be their fourth starter, but I know that isn’t the case.

Also, A-Rod collected his 100th RBI tonight, do you think he has a shot at the triple crown? Jack Cobra does.

Letter to the Skipper:


Player of the Game: Roger Clemens. When we heard this (caution, the voice you will hear is extremely offensive), we all hoped we’d see performances like tonight. Clemens has been as advertised, even if his record doesn’t reflect it. His line tonight: 7 innings, 2 earned, 4 hits, 0 walks, 3 Ks.

by Brian on Jul 24 2007