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If this is the New York Yankees team we’re going to see for the rest of the season, we may just see that season extend into October. The D-Rays’ feel-good story of the first half, 25 year-old pitcher James Shields, got lit up by the Yankee bats tonight, and Luis Vizcaino continued to impress with 1.1 innings of perfect relief to help the Yanks to a 7–4 victory.

Couple of quick notes to Joe Torre:

  • Joe, please leave Abreu in the 7–hole. Having him down there makes the lineup much more dynamic, and having Melky in the 2–hole makes Jeter and A-Rod that much better.
  • Joe, please don’t use Kyle Farnsworth in close games. Ever. Four Eyes is horrible, you seem to be the only person left denying this truth.

Player of the Game: Bobby Abreu, 3 for 4, single, double, dinger, 1 run scored, 3 knocked in. 

by Brian on Jul 12 2007