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Hughes0510If you’re wondering what kind of a guy Phil Hughes is, check out this quote from Buster Olney’s latest Yankee dispatch over at ESPN.com:

On May 1, in his second big league appearance, Hughes walked Rangers leadoff man Kenny Lofton after starting him off with a couple of strikes. The kid called Posada out to the mound. "If I walk another hitter after starting out 0-2, punch me in the mouth," Hughes told the veteran catcher. The Rangers did not get a hit off him for the next 6-plus innings.”

That’s a 20 year-old talking. I can’t wait ‘til he gets back in the rotation.

Special thanks to commenter rbizzler over at River Ave. Blues for pointing out the quote.

The Yanks are off to a slow start, 1–0 Rangers in the top of the second. Check back later for the post-game.

by Brian on May 10 2007