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Alando Tucker has piqued the Sixers' interests?ESPN.com’s NBA Rumor Mill led me to this story from the Woelfel World of Sports (A Racine-Journal Times blog) about Wisconsin swingman Alando Tucker. Apparently, Tucker is confident he’ll be taken in the first round of the upcoming NBA draft, and one team who has shown interest is the Sixers.

I immediately scoured the Internet for scouting reports on Tucker, and after reading a few, I kept saying to myself, “They’re describing Rodney Carney.” Good finisher, great defender, decent mid-range jumper, no distance on his shot. Poor free-throw shooter. ESPN.com’s scouting report called him, “A power forward trapped in a shooting guard’s body.”

Worth a shot at #30 in the first round? Let’s look at his vitals:

  • 6’5”, 205 pounds, 23 years-old
  • 3–year starter for Wisconsin (played in only 4 games his freshman year)
  • Averaged 19.9 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 2.0 apg, 1.7 TOpg his senior year
  • Shot 47% from the field, 65.9% from the line, 32.5% from 3
  • Draft Express ranks him #8 among small forwards in the draft.
  • ESPN.com ranks him #36 overall

He’s projected to be a role player in the NBA. Personally, I’d like the Sixers to take a shot at greatness with this pick. With Tucker, they’re taking a shot at mediocrity. Take a flyer on a guy with a checkered past, or a European player who we don’t really know too much about. Maybe even take a really young guy who may develop into a contributor if he’s in the NBADL for a year or two. There are plenty of guys out there who fit that bill.

If they take Tucker, I guess he may push Carney for some minutes, if he makes the team, but even if he’s a slightly improved version of Carney, that isn’t all that much of an upgrade.

I think I’d prefer Big Baby Davis over Alando, the upside seems higher with the fat kid.

by Brian on Jun 3 2007
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