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So I'm sitting at home this afternoon, recovering from the flu and still shaking the effects of a 50-point blowout at the hands of Jeff Van Gundy yesterday when the buzzer rings. I head down to the front door and the FedEx guy is standing there holding an envelope. I sign for it, bring it upstairs and tear it open. Low and behold, my spirits are lifted when I find these inside:

My wife, who I will from here on out refer to as the best wife ever, came through with these tickets to the Sixers/Hawks game for my birthday. I had just about written this season, and this franchise for that matter, off when Allen Iverson was traded in December. Thank God I didn't. These Sixers have come together as a team, and Andre Iguodala has had a chance to step forward as both a leader and a budding superstar. There's also another benefit to rooting for a team that's currently 15 games below .500 and dead last in attendance. Tickets like these are going for less than half of face value on StubHub.

by Brian on Mar 19 2007
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