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A little over a week ago, I took a look at the Sixers' remaining schedule and tried to lay out what they would need to do to make the playoffs. As crazy as the thought may have seemed a few short months ago, the Sixers did actually have a shot, at least according to my math.

Now that a handful more games have been played, and since the Sixers are off for a couple of days, I thought I'd take a look at all of the teams currently in the hunt for the 7th and 8th seeds in the Eastern conference, their remaining schedules, and try to project where they will finish. Next to each team's name you'll find a link to a blog that covers the team, in case you want some inside info.

In order, by current record:

New Jersey Nets (7th)
Hooplah.. Nation
Current Record: 31-37 Remaining Schedule (predicted outcome in parens)

Fri 23 at Orlando (L)
Sat 24 at Charlotte (W)
Wed 28 Indiana (W)
Fri 30 at Detroit (L)
Sat 31 Philadelphia (L)
Wed 4 Atlanta (W)
Fri 6 at Chicago (L)
Sat 7 Washington (L)
Tue 10 at Washington (W)
Thu 12 at Cleveland (L)
Fri 13 New York (W)
Sun 15 at Indiana (W)
Mon 16 at New York (L)
Wed 18 Chicago (L)
Breakdown: I see the Nets finishing the season off at 37-45. They have 8 of 15 games left on the road, and play 5 back-to-back accounting for 10 of their final 15. The Nets could be in danger of not making the playoffs at all.

Orlando Magic (8th)
Orlando Magic Blog
Current Record: 31-38
Remaining Schedule (predicted outcome in parens)

Fri 23 New Jersey (W)
Mon 26 at New York (W)
Wed 28 at Boston (W)
Fri 30 Indiana (L)
Sun 1 Minnesota (L)
Wed 4 Toronto (L)
Sat 7 Memphis (W)
Mon 9 at Milwaukee (W)
Wed 11 at Detroit (L)
Sat 14 at Philadelphia (W)
Sun 15 Boston (W)
Tue 17 at Washington (L)
Wed 18 Miami (L)

Breakdown: 38-44 could be good enough for the 7 seed in the East. The Magic played a tough, tough schedule right after the all star break, and now they see a 7/6 home road split and 3 games against the two worst teams in the league left on their schedule.

Indiana Pacers (9th)
Indy Cornrows
Current Record: 30-37
Remaining Schedule (predicted outcome in parens)

Fri 23 Miami (L)
Sun 25 Chicago (L)
Tue 27 Cleveland (L)
Wed 28 at New Jersey (L)
Fri 30 at Orlando (W)
Sun 1 San Antonio (L)
Tue 3 Detroit (L)
Fri 6 at Charlotte (W)
Sat 7 Boston (W)
Tue 10 at Philadelphia (L)
Wed 11 at Milwaukee (W)
Fri 13 at Miami (L)
Sun 15 New Jersey (L)
Tue 17 at Atlanta (W)
Wed 18 Washington (L)
Breakdown: 35-47 isn't going to cut. This team is in free-fall mode, and 7 of their remaining 8 home games are against playoff teams. Have fun in the lottery.

New York Knicks (10th)
Stop Mike Lupica
Current Record: 30-37
Remaining Schedule (predicted outcome in parens)

Thu 22 Portland (W)
Fri 23 at Cleveland (L)
Mon 26 Orlando (L)
Wed 28 Cleveland (W)
Fri 30 at Dallas (L)
Sat 31 at NO/Oklahoma City (L)
Wed 4 Philadelphia (L)
Fri 6 Minnesota (W)
Sat 7 at Milwaukee (W)
Mon 9 Detroit (L)
Tue 10 at Chicago (L)
Fri 13 at New Jersey (L)
Sun 15 at Toronto (L)
Mon 16 New Jersey (W)
Wed 18 at Charlotte (W)
Breakdown: 36-46 is borderline. I gave the Knicks the benefit on the doubt on some tough back-to-backs. They could go either way. I think injuries and gerth keep them out of the playoffs.

Atlanta Hawks (11th)
Hawks BasketBlog
Current Record: 27-42
Remaining Schedule (predicted outcome in parens)

Fri 23 Portland (W)
Sun 25 Dallas (L)
Mon 26 at Miami (L)
Wed 28 at Charlotte (W)
Sun 1 Chicago (L)
Wed 4 at New Jersey (L)
Fri 6 Milwaukee (W)
Sun 8 at Philadelphia (L)
Tue 10 Boston (W)
Fri 13 Washington (L)
Sat 14 at Cleveland (L)
Mon 16 at Milwaukee (W)
Tue 17 Indiana (L)
Breakdown: Nice run as of late for the Hawks, but they have too many rough games left, and ending the season with 4 games in 5 dies is a sure way to make sure you aren't in the playoffs. Final record: 32-50.

Philadelphia 76ers (12th)
The 700 Level
Current Record: 36-42
Remaining Schedule (predicted outcome in parens)

Fri 23 Charlotte (W)
Sat 24 at Miami (L)
Wed 28 at Washington (L)
Fri 30 Boston (W)
Sat 31 at New Jersey (W)
Wed 4 at New York (W)
Fri 6 Toronto (L)
Sun 8 Atlanta (W)
Tue 10 Indiana (W)
Wed 11 at Boston (W)
Sat 14 Orlando (W)
Sun 15 at Detroit (L)
Tue 17 Cleveland (W)
Wed 18 at Toronto (L)

Breakdown: I tried to be as objective as possible, and came up with 35-47, which would leave the Sixers on the outside looking in. I desperately wanted to take the Sixers over the Heat, because the Heat are coming off a tougher front end of a back-to-back, but picking the Sixers in Miami under any circumstance is pretty much out of the question.

All told, I've got the Magic as the 7 seed and the Nets as the 8 seed. With plenty of heat coming from the Knicks, Pacers and possibly the Sixers.

by Brian on Mar 21 2007
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