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I'm almost too angry to recap this game right now, but I'll give it a shot. Before I get to the root of my anger, let me say the Sixers were owned on the glass tonight, and that's why they lost the game 88-87 to the Bulls.

The Sixers led the game pretty much from the tip until there were about 3 minutes left, then it went back and forth down the stretch. Kirk Hinrich hit what would become the game-winner with 26 seconds left. Iguodala missed a shot for the lead badly with about 13 seconds on the clock, and Adrian Griffin was fouled going to the hoop. He stepped to the line, missed the first, then he missed the second and all hell broke loose.

The ball was batted around three or four times before Andre Miller got it in his hands with a little under six seconds to go, he dribbled up the floor, crossing mid-court with 4 seconds on the clock and pulled up. I didn't know what was going on, but it turned out someone had called a timeout. The clock kept ticking. When the clock was finally stopped, there were 2.1 seconds left to go. Obviously, one of two things had to happen, either the Sixers get the ball in the front court with 2.1 seconds left, or some time is put back on the clock and the Sixers have to take the ball out in the back court. Well, that's what the rules dictate, that's what common sense dictates, but what actually happened was the Sixers were forced to take the ball out in the back court with 2.1 seconds left on the clock. They got the ball in to Iguodala, he got a decent look at a 3, but missed. Game over. I'm still in shock.

This was a rare League Pass game in which they used the Philadelphia home television feed, and the announcers were incredulous. They showed the replay about 20 times. The referee blew the whistle and signaled timeout with 4.6 seconds left on the clock, before the ball crossed mid-court. Why they didn't add time to the clock is anyone's guess. 4.6 seconds would've been enough time for Iguodala to drive to the hoop, instead of attempting a long three.

This call didn't decide the game, the absolutely horrible effort on the boards (Chicago finished with 45 rebounds, 20 offensive, the Sixers had 30 rebounds, 4 offensive), but I hate to see it come down to a mistake by the refs. Odds are, Iguodala doesn't score even if 4.6 are on the clock, but he deserved the opportunity. An absolutely heart-breaking loss.

Iguodala is your player of the game, finishing with 19 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, 1 steal and 3 blocks. He was ice-cold from the field (4-16) but made up for it with aggressive play and perfect free-throw shooting (10-10). The Sixers play host to the Jazz on Friday night in a game which is an absolute must-win if they want even an outside shot at the playoffs, which is looking less and less likely.

by Brian on Mar 14 2007
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