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If it wasn't for Samuel Dalembert's Rodman-like effort on the offensive glass (9 offensive rebounds), the Sixers would've lost this game by about 60 points. The Pistons completely outclassed the Sixers tonight in Philly, sleepwalking their way to a 98-89 victory.

Tayshaun Prince had a career high 33 points, Rip Hamilton chipped in with 22, including his 10,000 career point and Rasheed Wallace managed to go the whole game without getting a technical, proving the Pistons barely needed to show up to beat this Sixers team. Chauncey Billups was out with an injury, but it really didn't matter. His replacements at point guard, Flip Murray and Will Blalock combined for 17 points and 16 assists leading the Pistons to shoot an amazing 56% from the floor.

Willie Green got "garbage-time hot," which isn't much a surprise, he can only score when the other team has completely stopped playing defense. I'm sure Mo Cheeks will give him extra minutes to try to ride his "hot hand" tomorrow night against the Knicks. Speaking of the Knicks, I'm going to be attending my first Sixers game of the year tomorrow night. That's right, I'll be on hand to see two titans, with a combined record of 25-66 duke it out in the Garden. As Brandon said today, hopefully Nate Robinson will pick a fight with Korver. Seriously though, I'm excited and if they let me bring my camera in I'll post a couple photos tomorrow night.

Dalembert is the player of the game. He finished with 14 points and 17 rebounds.

by Brian on Jan 9 2007
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