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The Sixers have had the past three days off, hopefully Andre Iguodala was resting his weary back while the other teams involved in the race for the 7/8 seeds in the Eastern Conference were duking it out.

Here’s a quick update on where everyone stands, their home/away splits and games left vs +.500 teams.

Orlando (7th) 33–38, 6 home, 5 away, 4 vs. +.500
New Jersey (8th) 32–38, 6 home, 6 away, 6 vs. +.500
Indiana Pacers (9th, 1 back) 31–39, 5 home, 7 away, 4 vs. +.500
New York Knicks (10th, 2 back) 30–40, 5 home, 7 away, 5 vs. +.500
Philadelphia 76ers (11th, 4 back) 28–42, 6 home, 6 away, 5 vs. +.500

The Sixers have 1 game left with each team they’re chasing, and all of these teams finish with a number of games against each other. I expect the 7th and 8th seeds to change on almost a daily basis from here on out. For a realistic shot at the 8th seed, the Sixers will need to finish no worse than 9–3.

Check back later for a preview of tonight’s game in Washington against the Wizards.

by Brian on Mar 28 2007
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