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Joe Smith, Darko Milicic and Mikki Moore were the free agent power forwards the Sixers set their sights on this off season. Darko went to Memphis (3 years, $21M), Mikki Moore to Sacramento (no terms), and now the Sixers’ number one priority, Joe Smith, is going to Chicago (2 years, $10M).

According to David Aldridge, the Sixers had offered Smith $10 million for 3 years. I really wanted Smith back to bring some experience to the PF rotation, but that price was probably too steep. He’s going to help the Bulls.

Now that the three best free agent options at PF have found homes, the Sixers should plan to go with who they’ve got: Jason Smith, Herbert Hill, Stephen Hunter, Louis Amundson and Shavlik Randolph. They should be able to fashion 48 minutes of passable power forward play out of that group. Smith has the outside game, Hill has the back-to-the-basket moves, Amundson brings unparalleled energy and Randolph and Hunter are warm bodies. It’s doubtful that they’ll all make the team. If it were up to me, Shav would be the odd man out. Maybe the Sixers can find a taker for Hunter.

OK Sixers fans, let’s assume these are the PFs going into the season, who’s your starter? I’m saying Smith, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Another possiblity is a small lineup with Thad at the 4. I’m definitely not in favor of that.

Aldridge was busy this weekend, he has another piece blasting the Rashard Lewis signing. I agree with his take. Orlando overpaid for Lewis. The column centers around a very important question for the Sixers, if Lewis is worth $119M, how much will Iguodala be worth when he hits the open market? If you ask me, Iguodala is on par with Lewis right now, give him two years and he’ll be better.


by Brian on Jul 15 2007
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