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stephenasmith.jpgDuring the basketball season, whenever I was hurting for something to write about I could always, and I do mean always, every single time, without fail, count on Stephen A. Smith's misinformed, inaccurate, sensationalist columns as easy fodder for a "Why is this guy a columnist at a major metropolitan newspaper?" post. Sadly, that well has run dry.

Smith will no longer be employed as a columnist by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Read the story from Phawker for a brief history of Smith's incompetence. Here is one example of my vitriol for the idiot.

Good riddance, Stephen. I can only hope ESPN follows the Inquirer's lead.

On another hoops note, here's the quote of the day from Stephon Marbury: "We don't say anything about people who shoot deers.[sic]"

by Brian on Aug 22 2007
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