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According to this story from The Philadlephia Daily News, the Sixers got better today. It's your classic case of addition by subtraction. Subtract Chris Webber, his bloated contract, his geriatric knees, his bad attitude, his flat jump shot, his defense -- check that, his defense never showed up in Philly -- Add cap relief.

The Sixers are buying out the remainder of Chris Webber's ludicrous contract, and he's going to become a free agent. I didn't really see this coming, I thought he'd go the Glenn Robinson route and just sit out with phantom injuries for the rest of the year. This resolution is much better for the Sixers.

The most important question left to be answered as the Webber era comes to an end in Philadelphia is whether Andre Iguodala will take #4 back, or stick with #9. I hope Webber is in New York tonight when the Sixers face the Knicks, because I'd love to have one last chance to boo him as a member of the Sixers.

by Brian on Jan 10 2007
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