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In this season of futility for the Sixers every loss counts, but tonight's 89-83 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats was bigger than most because the Bobcats are one of the teams in the hunt for the worst record.

Mo Cheeks decided to stick with the hot hand and started Willie Green for the second game in a row. Green was his usual self for the first half, came to life in the third quarter, then drove the final nail in the Sixers coffin with a fourth quarter collapse. He finished with 19 points (15 in the third quarter) on 7-16 shooting in 42 minutes of action.

Samuel Dalembert played like a man possessed, again. He finished with 12 points, 15 boards (6 offensive) and 3 blocked shots. He's your player of the game. It's always fun to watch the Bobcats play, basically because Adam Morrison is on the team, and he's doing his best to look like a cross between the young Jim Morrison, and the bloated, strung-out, older Jim Morrison, see picture below. The Sixers host Toronto at 2 p.m. on Monday.

Young Jim Morrison + Old Jim Morrison = Adam Morrison.

by Brian on Jan 14 2007
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