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The Knicks came into Philadelphia tonight with a solid game plan. They went down low to Eddy Curry, they moved the ball, they didn't settle for contested jumpers. They did everything right...for the first 3 minutes. After that, well, the Knicks are a bad team, and they played like it. Quentin Richardson is apparently incapable of moving inside the three-point line on offense. Marbury spends more time yelling at his fat center than running the offense. Jamal Crawford is a rich man's Willie Green...you get the picture. The Sixers blew the Knicks' doors off tonight 104-84.

The most amazing stat is that Andre Iguodala, Philly's leading scorer and offensive catalyst, was a dismal 1-9 from the floor, and Samuel Dalembert, their emerging center finished with only two points. Despite off nights from two of their key weapons, the Sixers still shot 55% from the floor. Kyle Korver carried the torch for the Sixers, finishing with a career-high 31 points on 11-14 shooting (6-7 from downtown). He's the obvious player of the game.

There was a moment early in the fourth quarter when it looked like the Knicks might be able to muster a comeback, but when 6'11", 250 pound Samuel Dalembert overpowered 6'11", 350 pound Eddy Curry for an offensive rebound on a missed free throw, fed the ball to Iguodala who then found Korver for a wide open three the deal was sealed. Renaldo Balkman played surprisingly well for the Knicks, finishing with 13 points and 7 rebounds. I guess he and Willie Green can duke it out for best garbage-time performer.

The Project Lottery countdown is officially dead, it's mathematically impossible for the Sixers to lose 65 games. SML owes me a coke. The side bet was a push, perhaps the greatest statistical anomaly ever: Willie Green did not miss a three-point attempt AND Rendaldo Balkman didn't turn the ball over in the same game. I'm shocked.

Around the league: I'm watching the Heat get dismantled by the Rockets right now and Dwyane Wade is literally crying his eyes out as he gets wheeled into the locker room for an x-ray. Looks like a dislocated shoulder. So much for Brandon's second-half predictions. I bet Riley decides to take some more time off for "rehab" of his new robotic hip.

by Brian on Feb 21 2007
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