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The Philadelphia Daily News is reporting that the NBA is looking into the elbow Kobe Bryant hit Kyle Korver with in the Sixers 108-92 win over the Lakers last Friday in Philadelphia.

Korver was asked about the elbow after the game and played it down, but as I was watching the game I noticed it, and it looked deliberate. Here's the problem with Kobe, I think he's got such a feeling of entitlement that he gets frustrated when someone plays tough D on him and he lashes out. Both times he was suspended, he threw the elbow after his shot was blocked. The defender was in his personal space. In the Sixers game, Kobe was coming off a screen and Korver showed really hard off the screen to impede his progress to the hoop, when he got too close Kobe elbowed him.

In his own mind, people shouldn't be playing that close to him, and when they do, he makes them pay the price. NBA Fanhouse makes a great point, if the NBA does find Kobe in the wrong here, what good is another 1-game suspension going to do? Obviously the first two suspensions haven't deterred him from throwing elbows, this time it's got to be a stiffer penalty.

I couldn't find tape of the elbow on YouTube, but I did find this sick move by Iguodala. Enjoy.

by Brian on Mar 12 2007
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