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The main difference between the three major sports for me is the downtime between games. I love the Eagles, but I dread that moment right after the final whistle blows when I know it's going to be six long days before the next game. Downtime in basketball is much less than football, and baseball even less. I usually only have to go a day or two between sports fixes. Today is one of those excruciating days where I'm salivating for something to read, something to write about and something to watch involving my favorite teams, and it just isn't there.

If you're a Sixers fan like me, you may be going through the same Monday doldrums, waiting for Wednesday to come so Iguodala and Co. can take the floor again, or maybe not, but I did some scouring and came up with something that might tide you over.

Below is video of Andre Iguodala in high school. Take a look, the most impressive thing, as far as I'm concerned, is how good he is with his left. This kid probably outclassed everyone he played against, but he still took it upon himself to make improvements he didn't need to make to be the best at that level. That's indicative of the kind of pro he's become.

Loose Ends: If you absolutely must watch sports tonight, I suggest the Magic/Knicks game. I guess I’m rooting for the Knicks, because the Magic are the legitimate threat to actually make the playoffs ahead of the Sixers. Although it would be pretty sweet to see the Sixers finish ahead of the Knicks after all the talk about how Isiah’s a better GM than Billy King.

by Brian on Mar 26 2007
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