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Here’s a Billy King quote from a Philly.com article about the upcoming draft:

 "There is a guy at this point I know I would like to have, and he may not be a top-five pick, but he is up there,"

This begs the question, who is the guy? My heart says it's either Corey Brewer or Al Horford. Preferably Horford, the best true power forward in the draft. My head says it's probably Yi Jianlian.

King and 14 other Sixers officials are currently in Florida at the NBA’s pre-draft camp looking at talent, and talking trades with the GMs from other teams.

King has done a lot of dealing in the past few drafts, so moving up is definitely not out of the question. The hype machine has been churning about Yi, but I’m not sold on him. ESPN compares him to Toni Kukoc, which isn’t a favorable comparison in my book. He’s billed as an athletic big man who can shoot the jumper, but doesn’t have a back-to-the-basket game.

For my money, trading up to get him would be a huge gamble. A gamble probably not worth taking. I’d say go for Horford or Brewer, either one would fit right into the starting lineup and help make the Sixers a playoff team next year.

by Brian on May 30 2007
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