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Here’s the news: Larry Brown has sought, and been granted permission to interview with the Memphis Grizzlies for their vacant head coach spot. Larry may stay, Larry may go. It’s not as big of a deal as it would’ve been in December when the Sixers were flailing and it looked like Brown may come back to the Sixers bench.

Mo Cheeks earned his money, and the right to coach this team in ‘07–08 with the Sixers’ strong finish. His thumb print will be on the Sixers as long as Cheeks and King are still around. If he goes, he goes.

Conspiracy theorists everywhere will be screaming collusion when he goes to Memphis and trades the #1 overall pick to the Sixers for their three first-rounders and Willie Green. 

For some more Knick-fan sour grapes over Brown, check out SML’s take on the news. Keep one thing in mind as you read it though. This year, without Brown at the helm, the Knicks finished 33–49 with a $139M payroll. It might be time for the Knicks to start pointing the finger at someone other than Brown.

by Brian on Apr 27 2007
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