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With the Heat riding a winning streak, the Knicks doing their best bubble team impersonation and the Sixers clinging to the very last shred of playoff viability I have to admit, the tone of posts around Blogs By Fans is skewing too much toward blind optimism these days for my tastes. I realize I'm the main culprit, so this edition of "Round Tables" has only one rule...nothing positive about your team. I want to know who your worst player is, how he's killing your team, and why he's worse than everyone else's worst player.

We need to start this discussion somewhere, and though I don't see how anyone can argue against his stats, I thought it would be fitting to start this St. Patrick's Day discussion with Willie Green.

Willie's Stats (from 82games.com): I've been tracking Willlie's statistical futility for a couple of weeks now, and even during the Sixers winning streak, his affect on the team's performance was remarkable. Through 3/15, the Sixers were -241 points in the 1392 minutes Green was on the floor, and +45 points in the 1762 he was on the bench. Stark, but it gets even worse.

Effective field goal percentage: With Green, 46.4%; Without Green, 49.3%.
Effective field goal percentage allowed: With Green, 50.9%; Without Green, 49.6%.
Assisted field goals: With Green, 53%; Without Green, 59%


You get the picture. With Willie on the floor, the Sixers are considerably worse on offense and defense. They don't move the ball as much.

Stating Willie's Case: I'm sure you're going to hear names like Nate Robinson, Gary Payton, maybe even Antoine Walker mentioned by the other BBF bloggers. All horrible players in their own right, but none of them have as much of a negative impact on the game as Green does. Green has somehow made his way into the Sixers' starting lineup, plays heavy minutes, and Green's play dictates the outcome of games. There's something horribly wrong when you can honestly say, "As Willie goes, so go the Sixers." The worst player on your team should not dictate the outcome, but for the Sixers, there are absolutely nights when he does.

Throw Your Remote Through Your TV Moments: Willie definitely leads the league in these. You know what I'm talking about, Green comes in off the bench, heaves up 5 shots in the first 3 minutes, gets called for a charge and throws a pass into the stands, a ten-point lead suddenly turns into a deficit. Or, how every single friggin game the opposing team's announcers say something like "Wow, that Willie Green sure can light it up." Or how we have to constantly be reminded that they named a locker room after Willie at Detroit Mercy. Who f'ing cares? Watching Willie play has taken weeks if not months off my life, can any of you guys say that about your team's worst player?

I defy you to top "Garbage Time" Green.
by Brian on Mar 17 2007
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