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In New York tonight I witnessed something I hoped never to see. The New York Knicks actually looked good on the court. Don't get me wrong, it's not that they were good, it was that the Sixers were so atrocious it created the illusion that the Knicks were a good basketball team. Eddy Curry had an extra pep in his waddle as he went up and down the court. Marbury and Crawford looked pass first. Nate Robinson didn't physically attack anyone. It was like the bizarro Knicks showed up at the Garden tonight. The Knicks won the game 106-99, but it was never really that close.

As far as the game goes, I kept an unofficial tally on Willie Green's activity tonight. The final stats: Green touched the ball 36 times, heaved up 16 shots and finished with five fouls and 12 points in 24 minutes. Those are amazing numbers for a guy that played the point for a good portion of his minutes. Player of the game is Samuel Dalembert, 18 points, 8 boards, 3 blocks and a night full of contending with Eddy Curry's amazing girth.

Going to see the Sixers play the Knicks at the Garden turned into a night wrought with comedy. A couple of observations: There are a group of Knicks fans who actually call Stephan Marbury "Starbury," with a straight face. Whenever you go to an NBA game, the home crowd always picks on the best player from the opposing team. Usually, this is just sour grapes. In the past when someone would yell, "Hey Iverson, you suck!" I'd just laugh and think, "Yeah, you wish he played for your team." Tonight, when raucous fans were yelling, "Andre, you're horrible!" at Iguodala I kinda felt sad for Iggy, because it was too close to the truth. He was invisible tonight.

Charlotte bested Detroit tonight to raise their record to 10-23. The Sixers are currently 1/2 game behind Memphis for the worst record in the league.

by Brian on Jan 11 2007
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