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OK, the Sixers took care of business last night with a depleted crew at home against Indy. It was a gutsy win for a rag-tag group of players. From a fan’s perspective it was ugly, but kinda fun to watch the Sixers bench-warmers take it to essentially Indy’s starting five. Tonight’s game against the Celts, on the other hand, is going to be tough to watch.

Andre Iguodala didn’t make the trip to Boston, he’s missing his second consecutive game, the third of his entire career. Korver and Carney are game-time decisions, but I doubt they’ll play. On the Kelly Green side of things, the Celts are dead-set on finishing with the second-worst record so Al Jefferson and Paul Pierce have been sitting with phantom injuries.

Here’s a glimpse at what will probably be the starting lineups tonight:


  • Andre Miller
  • Willie Green
  • Bobby Jones
  • Stephen Hunter
  • Samuel Dalembert


  • Gerald Green
  • Ryan Gomes
  • Kendrick Perkins
  • Allen Ray (I guess this name would look good if you’re  a dyslexic)
  • Rajon Rondo

The upshot? Well, the Sixers scrubs reserves will D it up. The Celts, not so much. The Pacers shot 32.7% from the floor against the Sixers last night. The Hawks shot 60.3% against the Celts.

Prediction: Sixers win, Danny Ainge pats himself on the back and waits for the opportunity to draft Joekim Noah and sink this sad franchise further into the abyss. Lou Williams will break 20 points tonight, a double-double for Sammy.

Celtics blogs: CelticsBlog, Green Bandwagon, and a shout-out to a lesser-known Celts blog, PerkIsABeast Blog.


Check out John Smallwood’s column on the draft lottery if the Sixers’ winning ways have got you down.

by Brian on Apr 11 2007
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