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I’ve become quite the optimist over the second half of the season where the Sixers are concerned. I realize it’s a bit at odds with the name of this blog, but fear not. After missing the Sixers game yesterday because of my faulty TiVO (or faulty memory, but I swear I set it), I realized just how badly this season is going to end when I glanced at the schedule and saw a back-to-back today, at Detroit. Return depression.

As if facing Rip, Chauncy, Sheed and the Princess isn’t bad enough, I then found out that the heart and soul of the Sixers isn’t even going to make the trip to Detroit. The Sixers will be minus a class act, a born leader, an offensive dynamo, a mentor, a mother to all those who need love and I just can’t see them even keeping this one close without Kevin Ollie. Ollie will stay behind in Philly, rehabbing a sore eye socket receiving on a vicious elbow during the Celtics game. The Sixers will have to find some way to make up for Ollie’s production, and I think it’s just too much to ask of this team.

In related news, Andre Iguodala and Kyle Korver won’t make the trip either.

Tip-off is 6 p.m., and if you need a reason to watch, the chance to see Chris Webber stink up the joint in another uniform should be enough. Webber has reverted back to the player Mo Cheeks benched earlier this season (Webber has scored 8, 3, and 9 points in the past three games on 6/20 from the floor). Better them than us.

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by Brian on Apr 15 2007
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