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OK, that’s an over-statement. Actually, this time the game means nothing in the grand scheme of things. To me, however, every Sixers/Knicks game means a great deal. Tomorrow night, the Sixers will head into the Garden sitting 2 games behind the fading Knicks, and they’ll begin a 9–game race for bragging rights.

When you grew up in New Jersey and rooted for the Sixers, like I did, you took great enjoyment in moments like this one:

Charles Smith, God bless you, wherever you are.

Every Patrick Ewing post-season choke job erased a dismal Sixers season. I lived to watch John Starks heave up horrible shots and sink his team. When the Knicks hit rock bottom, I couldn’t possibly have been happier. Now that the Sixers have seen the bottom of the abyss, and begun their climb back to relevancy, there would be no better conclusion to this season than to finish ahead of the “improving” Knicks, and their transvestite head coach. (Seriously, who wears more eye shadow, Isiah or Nate Robinson).

I’m going to be in attendance at the Garden when these teams take the court tonight, and I’m pumped up. Check back here late night for a slideshow, assuming I’ll be able to snap some photos in between taunting Fat Eddy and Stephanie Marbury. The hatred is back, in full force, and I won’t accept anything less than a win from the Sixers.

Here are my keys to the game:

  • Get Korver major minutes. The Knicks cannot and will not guard him, he could score 35.
  • Hit Marbury in the mouth. Every time he comes down the lane, put him on his ass. He doesn’t care enough to keep coming in there if he has to pay the price.
  • Double Fat Eddy. As soon as he touches the ball, send Hunter and Dalembert at him, fast. Don’t use a weak double with Willie Green or Carney, send another big. Curry can’t and won’t burn you with his passing.
  • Pressure the ball. Marbury and Nate Robinson will turn the ball over like it’s their job. Apply pressure and get out and run.
  • Let Sammy work. Dalembert may be giving up 200 pounds to Curry, but he can own him on the offensive end. Curry won’t come out to the foul line to defend Sammy, and he’s been hitting that shot regularly. Curry may accidentally show when Marbury et al get burned off the dribble, this means open season on lobs, hit Dalembert high.
  • Don’t settle for the jumper Iguodala. You can take every single member of the Knicks off the dribble, and they have no shot-blocking presence in the middle. Go right around their perimeter defenders and keep your eyes open for Sammy and Hunter for easy dunks.

The beauty of this game is that burying the Knicks won’t help them in any way, they don’t even get the lottery pick they’ve earned with their futility this season, Chicago does.

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by Brian on Apr 4 2007
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