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Let's hope we see this pose out of V.C. tonight.Tonight's game against the Nets is a huge, huge game for the Sixers. They need to bounce back from a win, believe it or not. If the Sixers take a quarter off tonight, like they did last night against the Celts, they’ll be hard pressed to come away with another win. The Sixers sit 4 games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference, and guess who sits in that 8th spot. That’s right, none other than the New Jersey Nets.

The Sixers play three of their next five games against teams they are currently chasing for the final playoff spot: tonight at the Nets, Wednesday at the Knicks (I’ll be attending this game, more on this later) and then Tuesday, April 10th at home vs. Indiana.

All of these games are must-win situations if the Sixers are to make the playoffs. Actually, it’s a much more grim situation than that, but I’ve talked enough about the playoffs over the past week, let’s talk about this game.

The key match-up in this game is Vince Carter vs. Vince Carter’s apathy. If he’s motivated, it’s trouble for the Sixers. If he could care less, they’re going to win. It’s as simple as that. The best defense you can play against Carter is to be super-nice to him. Keep him happy. If he gets pissed, he’s going to light you up. Carter left the Nets’ game against Detroit last night with a knee injury, but returned and he’s expected to play tonight.

The Nets big men should prove to be another favorable match-up for Samuel Dalembert, Jason Collins and Mikki Moore will be “guarding” him. Expect Iguodala’s assist spree to continue as he feeds the big men in the lane.

I’m going to kick off a new feature on Depressed Fan today, the slide show. Actually, tonight’s Willie Green retrospective is a test run. Click the button below to see all of the “Willie Watch” images from the month of March. I know you’ve missed Green these past two games, here’s your chance to relive the Green futility in all its glory.

Next Wednesday, I’ll be attending the Sixers/Knicks game at the Garden, and we’ve got pretty sweet seats, so I should be able to get some good pictures. I’ll post a slide show after the game. The following Sunday I’ve got kick ass seats to the Sixers/Hawks game in Philly and I’ll have another slide show from that one. Stay tuned!

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