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On Wednesday in New York I watched Willie Green pretty much single-handedly derail the Sixers offense. Every time he touched the ball the other four Sixers could've trotted back down the court to get ready for defense, because he was going to force up a shot. It was painful to watch. What does a performance like that say to his head coach, Mo Cheeks? That's right, it's time to put Green in the starting lineup.

I had this post already written in my head when I saw the starting lineups announced, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I would've been dead wrong had I posted it then. I figured Green was going to cost the Sixers another game, but instead he played the game of his life and the Sixers won a laugher 110-97 against the injury-riddled Bucks. Green was as hot tonight as he was cold on Wednesday. He shot 13-19 from the floor for 30 points, including 4-4 from downtown. He also had the dunk of the year when he took off from just inside the foul line, elevated and finished with a one-handed power dunk over Andrew Bogut.

Andre Iguodala turned in a great game as well, finishing with 26 points on a dismal 6-18 from the field, but he was 13-13 from the charity stripe and added six boards, six assists and five steals. The Milwaukee Bucks had two of the most amazing stat lines you've ever seen. Andrew Bogut had 20 points and 24 rebounds. He was only topped by rookie David Noel who played 15 minutes and finished 0-4 from the field for zero points, with zero rebounds, zero assists, zero blocked shots, zero steals, zero turnovers and six fouls.

I never thought I'd say this, but Willie Green is your player of the game folks.

by Brian on Jan 13 2007
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