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The Sixers strolled into Atlanta tonight riding high on a 7-game winning streak, and they played like they had nothing to prove. The Hawks dominated this game wire-to-wire, and the game was never really as close as the 104-92 final would lead you to believe it was.

There isn't much to say about this game that I can't sum up in the "Willie Watch" at the bottom, but to be fair, he wasn't the only one to blame. Iguodala was the only one who looked like he wanted to be out there tonight and he almost got beheaded for his trouble. Down by 24 points late in the third quarter Solomon Jones took it upon himself to horse-collar Iguodala on a breakaway, it's amazing he wasn't hurt. Jones got ejected, Cheeks got Iguodala out of the game before he could get hurt, and the Sixers never got retribution for the dirty foul, which was disappointing.

The official attendance for this game was 11,066, but the arena looked like the total was in the hundreds. Apparently the people in Atlanta didn't read my preview of the game earlier today where I broke down the chances these teams had of sneaking into the playoffs. Perhaps they just knew better.

Almost forgot, player of the game is Rodney Carney who returned from a torn rotator cuff to score 15 points and show a ton of energy after the game was already decided. Let's just hope he gets back into the starting lineup sooner, rather than later. Oh, and I will now admit that the Heat are officially hot.

by Brian on Mar 13 2007
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