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The Sixers came into tonight’s game against the Bobcats minus their leader/best player/top defender Andre Iguodala, and came away with a 106–97 win. I was impressed with the way they shared the ball, even with Willie Green on the floor for thirty-five minutes.

The Sixers put 7 players in double figures, and controlled the game from the get go. They shot 81% from the field in the first quarter, notching 37 points, and followed that up with 32 points in the second. The Bobcats made a couple of small runs in the second half, but 9 points is as close as they came before Korver got hot down the stretch. Andre Miller is your player of the game. Miller finished with 19 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds on 8/12 from the floor.

The Sixers playoff aspirations were buyoed tonight, the Knicks came back from a stellar loss to the hapless Trailblazers last night by putting up 68 points in a loss to the Cavaliers tonight. The Nets and Hawks lost as well. Orlando topped the Nets, and Indy absolutely murdered the Heat.

The Sixers 4.5 games out of the playoffs, Orlando and Indiana are in a virtual tie for the 7/8 seeds. NJ stands .5 games back and the Knicks a game behind the Nets and 3 ahead of the Sixers.

Up next is a Heat team that has apparently engaged the cruise control, yet again, in Miami. I can’t find any word on Iguodala’s condition, if you see something, please let me know.


by Brian on Mar 23 2007
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