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Two games, two points. One loss, one win. If the Sixers fall one game short of the playoffs this year, they'll look at the Chicago loss on Wednesday and say "What if?" If they make it by one game, tonight's gutsy, gutsy 89-88 win over the Jazz will probably be viewed as the turning point.

Before we go any further, I'd like to point out that our first Vault prediction has been proven false. Brandon, whose man-crush on Jason Williams has reached epic proportions, made a prediction about the Sixers for some reason, and it fell flat on its face tonight. Congrats for being the first Brandon, others will join you soon, but you're the first to have that limb you climbed out on crumble underneath you. Maybe you should limit your predictions to things you know about, like over/under for total number of horrible tattoos on JWil's arms.

And now back to the game. The Sixers came out hot, again, and built a 12 point lead, but could never stretch it any further than that. The Jazz went on a monster run in the 4th quarter, and took a 3-point lead. At that point, Andre Miller had had enough. He put the Sixers on his back, and put the game on a seesaw. Miller and Deron Williams traded buckets two or three times, and Carlos Boozer came to life in the final quarter.

The Sixers were down one with 8 seconds and change left on the clock when Kyle Korver lost Gordan Giricek and sank a wide open jumper from just inside the three-point line. Giricek got hung up on a Sameul Dalembert screen and went down like he'd been shot. He stayed on the ground for about five minutes, apparently waiting for a yellow card. The Jazz got the ball back with 5.1 seconds left on the clock, and Deron Williams pushed his luck, heaving up a contested three with 4 seconds left in the game. Joe Smith secured the rebound, and that was all she wrote.

Iguodala had a great game, and hit a huge shot to give the Sixers the lead with less than 30 seconds left, but Andre Miller gets the player of the game tonight. Miller just wouldn't be denied in the fourth. When the Jazz came back and took the three point lead, Miller went to work down on the post, from the corner, in the lane. This is something he does almost every game. When a run by the other team needs to be stopped, he creates his own shot and stops the run himself. This is the quality the Sixers need most from their veteran point guard. Miller's line for the game, 16 points, 7 boards and 7 dimes.


by Brian on Mar 16 2007
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