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20 Down

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1-20, quite a start for the hapless Sixers. I guess it's time to check in.

On the floor, there's nothing to be excited about. This year's #3 pick is looking like a poor-man's Al Jefferson (and Al Jefferson isn't exactly a rich man in terms of winning basketball and assembling a team). Last year's #3 pick will probably never see the floor. Bobby Covington will most likely wind up being the best pro to wear a Sixers jersey this season, and he's a borderline starter on a playoff team, probably just a shooter off the bench.

For those of you still in the "Sam Hinkie is a genius" camp, well, I don't have much left to say to you. Thus far, he's failed to turn a single draft pick into a difference maker. All the cap space he's hoarded is going to be completely meaningless when the cap goes up and all the teams, even the ones who try to win, will be able to pay whomever whatever they want. How, exactly, is Hinkie planning to lure anyone to play in this mess when literally every other team will be able to offer equal money?

Anyway, Porzingis for MVP. Eff Hinkie, Harris and the rest of this sorry lot.
by Brian on Dec 6 2015
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