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2014 Please Avoid List

Let the contrarian in you peek out his ugly little head. Sometimes laying waste to the guys you don't want to see in your favorite team's uniform is cathartic. Let's take a quick shot.

I'm going to concentrate on the two picks the Sixers currently have in the lottery, not because I think the second-rounders are completely meaningless, but because I think they're about 99% meaningless and my time is at a premium these days. I promise I won't scream and yell in the second round. Heck, I'll even applaud Hinkie's incessant maneuvering if he can find a single rotation player with all those second-rounders.

Pick #3
This is one is extremely simple. I don't want anyone who is not named Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid or Jabari Parker picked here. No way, no how. My personal order for the three flip-flops pretty frequently, but those three have been constants.

Pick #10
Pick #10 is a bit more difficult. Of the "top eight" guys on most boards (Wiggins, Embiid, Parker, Exum, Randle, Vonleh, Smart, Gordon), there is only one who I would adamantly not want should he slip to #10, that's Aaron Gordon. I don't want to use a lottery pick to get Jerome "Junkyard Dog" Williams. I know some people have him rated higher than that, but to me he's going to be extremely limited on the offensive side, limited to the point where he's a negative, and his defense probably won't be good enough to make up for that. Don't think he's versatile (or long) enough to cover bigger fours or fives, and this team already has offensive liabilities who may (or may not) make up for it on defense. Pass on Gordon.

There are a few conditionals in this group, obviously. If they take Exum and Smart slips, pass for obvious reasons. If they take Parker and Vonleh slips...I'd have to think about that, but probably pass. Basically, if they do the right thing with #3, Vonleh is the only guy that might move to the bubble, but he isn't going to drop that far. If all of these guys are off the board, I'm going to probably look to pair our #3 pick with someone. If they get Wiggins or Embiid early, Stauskus or McDermott are my primary targets. More Staus if we get Wiggins, more McDermott if we get Embiid (Noel and Embiid can hide McDermott defensively, and he might be able to step in and carry the scoring load while Embiid learns the offensive end on the job). If we get Parker, I might actually look for a guy like Payne to pair him up with. Both guys stretch the floor, but Payne brings the defensive toughness Parker lacks. Think it would be interesting to play two stretch fours with good size at the same time. Could possibly guarantee a mismatch and force the opposing team to make difficult choices. Parker's going to be a zero on defense anyway, I think this helps make up for it on the other end.

The only other guy who might be in play at #10 who get a firm no from me is Gary Harris. Nothing about this guy impresses me, feel like his size is a liability at the position and in no way does his offense make up for that fact. I know you could switch MCW onto bigger twos to cover for Harris, but why should you do that for a below-average shooting guard? Give me Staus or Lavine any day of the week.

Your "please don't do it, Sam" list below:
by Brian on Jun 16 2014
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