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29 Up, 29 Down

It's been a long time since the Sixers were .500, and a long time coming for this surging team. Getting here wasn't the goal, though, it's just one step. Spend your Saturday relishing the fact that tonight's drubbing of the unraveling Pistons was the Sixers 12th win in their past 16 games. They're officially the hottest team in the league.


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  • Andre Iguodala fell three rebounds shy of a non-pathetic triple double (21/7/11), Jrue Holiday notched a double-double (12pts/10 assists, only 2 turnovers), Thad Young shot 80% from the floor and dunked on all six Pistons at one time or another. Any one of them could've been your player of the game, but I'm giving the nod to Elton Brand. Brand finished with 20 points and 17 boards in only 29 minutes of action. More important than the overall numbers is the timing of Brand's production. The Pistons didn't want to go away, and they hung with the Sixers well into the third quarter until Brand basically said he'd had enough. He was physically dominant on the inside and put the team on his back to stretch the back to double digits when the Pistons were just about to gain momentum, then he kept them there, scoring 8 straight for the Sixers and putting an end to the Pistons for the night. Huge game from EB.
  • Early, meaningful minutes for Speights and solid play on both ends of the floor. Please, please, please let us see a whole lot more of that.
  • I feel bad for Pistons fans. We were there last season.
  • I absolutely do not feel bad for Tracy McGrady and the rest of the Pistons "veterans" who are behaving like petulant children right now. I don't care how bad their relationship is with their coach, there's absolutely no excuse for this type of behavior. It's a shame too, because the Pistons who did play tonight left it all on the floor. Will Bynum in particular was relentless for the entire 48 minutes of the game. He never took a seat and he never took a play off. Unfortunately, no one is even going to notice. The story is McGrady giggling on the bench when his coach was ejected.
  • Two easy games on paper coming out of the All Star break. Two easy wins on the floor. Exactly how you draw it up. Now the Sixers need to take care of the Cavs on Sunday night and never look back. Let February 25th be the last day of this season the Sixers were under .500. Look at the schedule, it really should happen.

Player of The Game: EB.
Up Next: @ Cleveland, Sunday night.
Playoff Race: the Knicks lost to Cleveland, one game out of sixth.
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by Brian on Feb 26 2011
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