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.300 Hitters

Since Eddie Jordan is such a fan of platitudes, I think I'll use one this afternoon. Even when you're mired in a lost season with a fool steering the team straight to the bottom, it's important to set achievable goals to keep the morale high. I'll set a goal of my own after the jump.

It's simple, really. When the Sixers face the Knicks on Monday, March 15th, I want their winning percentage to be back down to .300. That means the current losing streak of four will have to be extended to 10. Is it doable? Yes, absolutely. Here's the upcoming schedule:

  1. vs. Boston
  2. @ Toronto
  3. @ Indiana
  4. vs. Charlotte (2nd night of a back-to-back)
  5. vs. Cleveland
  6. @ Miami
The big trap game here is the game at Indy. The Pacers really can't get out of their own way.

I hate rooting for losses almost as much as I hate to see what's become of this team, but here we are. Call it rooting for a better drat pick. Call it OCD, because I like round numbers. Call it laziness because you don't really need to put a lot of thought into a post saying, "The Sixers have lost twice as many games as they've won under Eddie Jordan." Call it whatever you want, but to be honest, I'm just really looking forward to seeing how Eddie Jordan and Ed Stefanski can explain away a second double-digit losing streak in one season.
by Brian on Mar 4 2010
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