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.500 It Is.

There's absolutely no reason to be up in arms about tonight's loss the Detroit Pistons. The game was meaningless, and Doug Collins pretty much treated as such. There was very little to be gained from this game heading in, and he probably came out with more than he thought he'd get.


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  • This game actually left me feeling a little bit better about the Heat series for pretty much one reason: Jrue regained his shooting touch and his confidence. When Collins brought Jrue and Brand back in the game with 8:33 left in the fourth, I thought he was nuts. He pretty much waived the white flag at the beginning of the quarter when he put Kapono on the floor, so why bring back two key guys to play out the string. Well, apparently Jrue really wanted a winning record. Holiday went on to score 12 points on 5/5 from the floor and he set up what should've been the game-tying three with 2 second left on the clock. Granted, it was against the Pistons, but the kid took over the game and there was absolutely nothing they could do to stop him. We've seen Jrue go on runs like that before this season, and we've seen this kind of production over several games. If he can bring that with him into the first round, maybe they've got a slim chance.
  • Evan Turner had a nice game as well off the bench. Turner was aggressive and decisive, two things he's been lacking most of his rookie season. I do think Turner could see some minutes and I think he might be needed against the Heat. At some point, they're going to have to give him a shot at guarding Dwyane Wade. 
  • It's hard to tell if this game should be counted as part of the disappointing finish to the season. For three quarters, they were basically an example of what a team would look like if Andres Nocioni was the featured player. That's not a winning formula, I don't care who you're playing.
  • Unfortunately, Jodie didn't rediscover his stroke. 0/5 from three. I hope he spends the next two days doing nothing but shooting threes in an empty gym.
  • Brand had a bit of an off night. Thad only played 17 minutes. Hawes continued his trend of pitiful play. Overall, Collins probably dodged a bullet in a half-assed attempt to get the win. If he really wanted it, he probably should've leaned on his key guys a bit more. If he didn't care, they probably shouldn't have played at all. As it turned out, there was a big positive to take away, no one got hurt, and now it's time to focus on Saturday.

Player of The Game: Jrue. 7/11 from the floor, 3/7 from three, 4/4 from the line, 3 boards, 7 assists, 2 turnovers, 21 points.
Team Record: 41-41
Up Next: Game 1. @ Miami.
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by Brian on Apr 14 2011
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