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#6 It Is!

Either the Sixers have finally run into a modicum of good luck (or Joe Dumars broke a couple of mirrors after realizing he signed both Ben Gordon and Charlie V. last summer). Either way, according to the Pistons' Twitter account, the Sixers won the coin flip and will slot into the #6 spot of the NBA draft. Details after the jump (h/t Liberty Ballers)

This has no ramification on the draft lottery, the Sixers and the Pistons will both have an 18.25% chance at landing a top-three pick. If neither team lands in the top 3, however, the Sixers will pick before the Pistons. If no team below #6 moves up into the top three, the Sixers will pick sixth. The Sixers can also drop no lower than #9.

The one-game swing on the final day of the season could really be a difference-maker if a guy like Wes Johnson or DeMarcus Cousins slips out of the top five.
by Brian on Apr 16 2010
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