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76ers Team of the Decade

This season is literally sucking the life out of me. The team's play, the performance of the coach, the front office and ownership, it's gotten to the point where only the truly devoted fans care in the least anymore. Since there's no game today, and I'm too drained to look at this current team in any depth, let's try an exercise in frivolity after the jump.

This is what we're going to do. Build a championship team (10-man roster) from the players who have taken the floor for the Sixers since the 2000-2001 season. Use this list for your pool of players.

Here are the rules

  1. The player must have played at least one game for Philly. (No draft day trades)
  2. Since the Sixers have a knack for getting players past their prime, I'm going to give you the option of picking any year from a particular player's career (even if they weren't playing for Philly at the time).
  3. 10 roster spots, I want 2 guys at each position.
  4. Try to follow the format of my picks below
  5. Pick a coach as well. Though I think this one will be basically unanimous.

Here we go, my starting five:

  • PG: Andre Miller '01-02 (10.3 win shares) - Miller was more of a pass-first PG back in the day, though he still scored efficiently. He was also less of a defensive liability, meaning he could help make up for the next guy's defensive deficiencies.
  • SG: Allen Iverson '07-'08 (11.6 win shares) - Older and wiser, this was Iverson's best offensive season. He wasn't the scorer he was during the Sixers run to the finals, but he was much more efficient and a much better distributor. Mostly I chose this season because I don't want/need a guy with a 35%+ usage % on my team.
  • SF: Andre Iguodala '08-09 (9.2 win shares) - He had better shooting years, but his all-around game was at it's best last season.
  • PF: Elton Brand '05-06 (14.8 win shares) - I thought this was going to be a more difficult decision, but Brand's numbers really dwarf Chris Webber's in all areas but assists. This was a monster season for Brand in LA.
  • C: Dikembe Mutombo '99-00 (9.9 win shares) - 14.1 rebounds, 3.3 blocks, 11.5 point with a 13.8% usage %. The ideal defensive center for my team. He had more productive seasons in terms of win shares, but I don't need more offense from him.

Second string:

  • PG: Eric Snow '99-00 (6.1 win shares) - I'd love to be able to pick Jrue Holiday '12-13, but that wouldn't be fair. Snow gets the nod, almost by default here. His defense is going to have to key the second unit, because he's an impediment on the offensive end. I chose this season for his excellent assist/turnover ratio (3.85)
  • SG: Aaron McKie '99-00 (4.3 win shares) - Tough decision here. Salmons got some consideration, as did Korver, I even looked at Larry Hughes for a half second, but with no one really blowing my doors off, I decided sticking with a defensive theme in the back court would have to do. We're probably talking limited minutes for both backup guards, and this year McKie was at least league-average from deep so he got the nod.
  • SF: Donyell Marshall '03-04 (10.4 win shares) - Kukoc, Glenn Robinson and Matt Barnes all got a look, but fell short. Donyell had an exceptional season in '03-04. 40% from three, 9.9 rebounds/game, 1.1 steals, 1.5 blocks. The shooting is going to be desperately needed, and I envision a big lineup of AI9, AI3, Donyell, Brand and Mutombo for stretches.
  • PF: Chris Webber '93-94 (7.8 win shares) - Believe it or not, I chose the rookie version of C-Webb. I want the freakish athlete to run with the second unit, not the high-post passing sluggish version who put up better offensive numbers. As a rook, Webber blocked 2.4 shots/36 minutes, he dominated the glass and he caused all sorts of mismatches with his handle and agility.
  • C: Sam Dalembert '09-10 (3.6 win shares, so far) - I went as far as to write down Theo Ratliff's name here before I checked the stats. The fact of the matter is Theo was never the rebounder Dalembert is. Sammy is having a monstrous season, on a per-minute basis and in raw stats. He's grabbing a ton of boards, blocking a ton of shots and outside of the Lakers game, he's settling for limited shots. He's my defensive big off the bench.
  • Coach: Larry Brown any year but the year he coached the Knicks - Obvious choice.

So that's my roster. If you could magically assemble these players at the points of their careers I've chosen, you've got a title. No doubt in my mind. I'd like more outside shooting from the starting five, but it's not crucial. You can work McKie and Donyell in when teams are packing the paint on you. You can also put an unbelievable defensive unit on the floor: Snow, McKie, Iguodala, Brand, Mutombo. Or you can put a running unit out there: Iverson, McKie, Iguodala, Webber, Dalembert. You can go ultra big, you can slide Marshall to the four if you want to go small and spread the floor. You've got five guys capable of running the point, 4 guys who can play the five. Tons of versatility.

Have at it in the comments. Create your own team, rip mine to shreds.
by Brian on Feb 28 2010
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