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A Bump In the Road, Hopefully

Beginning, middle, end. Three parts to a basketball game. Terrible, excellent, terrible. How the Sixers performed in each. 26-29, three games under .500. Where the Sixers are left after another disappointing loss to the red-hot Memphis Grizzlies. The good news: They've got a chance to right the ship tomorrow night heading into the All Star break.


g554f021511.gif Thoughts

  • The first and fourth quarters of this game (lost 26-51 by the Sixers) were excruciating to watch. The second and third (won 65-51 by the Sixers) were exhilarating. Unfortunately, the terrible dug a humongous hole, then sunk the Sixers before they could climb all the way up the mountain.
  • It was a disappointing loss, for sure, but in a vacuum, it doesn't matter. The Sixers have been excellent at bouncing back from poor performances. If they come out tomorrow night and take care of the Rockets, the Sixers will go into the break still on a great streak. If they don't, well, let's just say the positive press clippings will probably cease until they return to the court, and I know I'll have an uneasy feeling.
  • This was probably Andre Iguodala's worst game of the season. He was very shaky with the ball, only hit two shots from the floor, and wasn't his usual self on the defensive end either. He was due for a blip.
  • On the good side of the ledger, you've got Jrue. Check this out. Jrue played 39 minutes, in those 39 minutes, the Sixers were +8. In the 9 minutes Jrue sat, they were -19. I usually don't reference individual +/- because there are just so many variables, but tonight I thought it was glaring that the team played much, much better when he was on the floor. His absence killed them at the beginning of the fourth.
  • Don't spend too much time dwelling on this one, folks. There's another tomorrow, just don't make it a streak.

Player of The Game: Thad. 23 points on 16 FGA and 7 FTA, 5 boards and a block
Team Record: 26-29
Up Next: @ Houston, tomorrow night
Game capsule.
by Brian on Feb 16 2011
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