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A Couple Minor Moves

Since all signs point toward the Sixers abstaining from any franchise-altering transactions over the next 48 hours or so, the least they could do is cut the dead weight and add some youth and energy off the bench.

The first move is Lou Amundson. It's been rumored for a while. Not sure why they haven't pulled the trigger, but Amundson is physical. He'll grab some o-boards, give some fouls, try to block some shots and he can actually dunk. Labeling Amundson as youth is a big stretch (he's 30), but his energy level would almost have to surpass that of Kwame and Lavoy. It wouldn't hurt to throw him out there for a six-minute stretch every other game when the team hits a lull.

The second move comes from a blurb buried at the bottom of this piece (insider). Basically, it says Tony Douglas is available for a 2nd-round pick. I say cough it up. Send Ivey and Wilkins to Houston along with enough cash to pay their salaries so Houston can cut them. Throw in a second rounder, and get Douglas. I like Pargo's offensive game, but his defense is horrid. Douglas is one of the better on-ball defenders in the league and his three-point shot has been pretty good this season. He'd be a definite rotational guy for the Sixers and he'd allow Collins to give Jrue time off the ball on the defensive end without sacrificing team defense.

Amundson is clearly a short-term move. Douglas, however, could stick. It would be great to have a guard defender off the bench. A role Royal Ivey has been meant to fill, but never quite able to. And yes, I realize I'm still trying to make the team better when I should be rooting for a tank. The #10 pick would be awesome, blah, blah, blah. I'm not there yet. And I'd also trade Turner and Hawes for Granger.
by Brian on Feb 19 2013
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