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A Couple of Big Questions

On the precipice of the midway point of the 2010-2011 NBA season, let's take a step back. Forget about the playoffs. Forget about the rotations. Forget about everything and strip this team down to what's worthwhile, what's superfluous and what's meaningless. What direction should Rod Thorn take going forward? What should his plan be?

GoSixers came across a thought-provoking question/answer in a HoopWorld chat. Let's use that as our starting point:

Ed in Philly: What do the sixers have to do to become an elite team? Lots of great pieces, none of which seem to fit.

Anthony Macri: I think building around Jrue Holiday, a player I really like a lot, is a good start. While they do have good pieces, I think they would be better in other situations, so I'd like to see what they could get in trades for those assets. Then, the decision is simple: what kind of team do we want to build with Holiday at the 1? Answer that and you know already what kinds of player they should target.

So two questions really.

  1. How should they go about trying to become an elite team?
  2. If you agree that building around Jrue is the way to go, how do you do it? Who stays that's currently on the roster? Who goes? What types of players are you targeting, and how are you targeting them (trade, draft, free agency)?

It's a big topic, give it some though and let's mull it over in the comments.
by Brian on Jan 18 2011
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