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A Dark, Dark Day

I'm not going to look this up because, well, I already feel like I've put too much energy into caring about this team, so let's just assume the Sixers are the first team to lose to the Wizards and the Raptors by 20 points or more. The good news, the Sixers did it in less than a week! (game capsule)

Here's your rotation chart. Draw your own effing conclusions:

Let's play the blame game:

  • Andre Iguodala - dumb turnover in the first half. Terrible shot late in the game. 6 shots in 35 minutes when the team only scored 22 points in the second half.
  • Evan Turner - As bad tonight as you were good against Miami. Maybe worse. Abused on defense, forced shots. General lack of energy.
  • Jrue Holiday - The game is 48 minutes long, not 24.
  • Lou Williams - I'm glad being called out by AI9 on your defense really lit a fire under you. Ben Uzoh abused you tonight. Ben. Uzoh.
  • Jodie Meeks - Grab a dictionary. Look up "three-point specialist." Try to at least resemble one going forward.
  • Thad Young - Thad always hustles and plays hard. Hate to rip into him. Andrea Bargnani might have impregnated you tonight, though. I recommend the morning-after pill.
  • Spencer Hawes - I hope you were offended that I mentioned birth control. You are a useless basketball player and showed it again tonight.
  • Elton Brand - Good game. Where was it last night? A few d-boards would've been nice.
  • Doug Collins - Back-to-back. Tough game against Miami last night. You decide to follow that up with a tight 8-man rotation, huh? Brilliant.

Have at it in the comments. I'm spent.

Player of The First Half: Jrue
Team Record: 29-25
Up Next: vs. ORL, Saturday night

Believe it or not, the Celts lost tonight. The Sixers remain 1.5 games out. Boston has a game tomorrow night, in Chicago, and then they play Indy on Saturday before the Sixers head to Beantown for a showdown on Sunday. There's a decent chance the Sixers will be able to catch and pass Boston on Sunday, if that even matters to you right now.
by Brian on Apr 5 2012
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