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A Fleeting Moment of Importance

Sam Hinkie will take center stage tonight for his third draft at the helm of what he has single-handedly turned into the laughingstock of the NBA. He'll most likely have the opportunity to take a guy who could elevate the team a bit in the near term and provide a building block for the long term...or he could kick the can even further down the road and ensure yet another top pick for next summer...and the summer after that...and the summer after that. Rinse and repeat.

Nothing has changed for me concerning this draft. D'Angelo Russell should be the pick, and he should be the starting shooting guard from day one. I'd get Russell accustomed to running off screens, let him handle the ball some of the time, groom him to be the SG of the future, then go after someone like Mike Conley as a free agent next summer. But what I'd do never happens, so we'll have to wait and see.

Enjoy the draft, this is the only night of the year where you can honestly say what happens matters for this sad franchise.
by Brian on Jun 24 2015
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