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A Glimpse of the Team I've Been Missing

My only option for catching the game was the 2 a.m. replay on NESN, so I'm not getting to this recap until 4:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. Needless to say, it's not going to be long. Don't let the lack of girth to this post lead you to believe I didn't thoroughly enjoy this game, though. The Sixers showed amazing heart in a game they really had no business keeping closer than 20 points.

I have the rotations chart complete on my clipboard, I'll update the spreadsheet later. If you want a glimpse into my troubled mind, here's a photo of my pad after the game.

Game 15 notepad.
Just a few notes, then hopefully I'll have a chance to expand during the afternoon.

  • Nothing to really criticize Jordan for in this one. With a short bench, he did what he had to do. I'm curious about Carney, who never saw the floor in the second half. I didn't notice anything that would've led to a benching, wondering if he might have been hurt.
  • 65% from three, with 20 attempts. Seriously, what are the odds of the Sixers shooting like that from long distance?
  • Kapono and Green were unbelievably huge tonight. That's the first time Willie has gotten into one of those "I'm going to take stupid shots all night and it doesn't even matter because I can't miss," zones. Couldn't have happened at a better time. He was also mercilessly pushing the ball up the floor when he was in there, which put the Celts back on their heels.
  • Garnett is a washed up bitch. I wish Kapono would've punched him in the junk, would've been worth it.
  • I only read the very end of the game thread (I'll finish it off in the morning/afternoon), but I wanted to mention that I saw exactly what Rich was talking about on that play w/ 3.3 seconds left. Jrue was all alone on the far side of the floor. It was a tough pass to make and Iguodala was probably worried about the five second call, but it was there. I thought maybe the coaches would've noticed and called the same play to see if it was there again the next time they had the same situation.
  • Speaking of Jrue, some good (mostly driving the lane and his passing), some bad (seemed to be rushing his shots, especially in the lane), but more good than bad. In the first half I saw him miss a couple plays on defense, pretty much always when he was off the ball. He made one really reckless gamble, he had Rondo down by the hoop, KG was at the high post, he tried to sneak up and poke the pass away. He missed it, KG immediately hit Rondo, the defense rotated and Rondo found Pierce wide open for a corner three that he hit. Learning experience, I suppose. My favorite play for Jrue would've been the laser pass he threw to Dalembert that should've gone for a dunk, but instead bounced off his two left hands and into the first row. In the first half, he had 4 really strong assists, meaning, assists that created points, rather than meaningless passing the ball around the perimeter assists (1) Iguodala beat Allen to the spot on the blocks, the pass hit him right when he got there for a spin and a dunk. (2) Alley-oop to Iguodala on the back door. (3) Offensive rebound, kick out to Jason Smith for a three. (4) Drive and kick to Kapono (I think) for an open three.
  • The Sixers did another bad job on the defensive glass, which was to be expected, but they actually did a better job than the Celts did on their defensive glass.
  • How about Primoz with a +11 in his 9 minutes of work. I can honestly say he didn't do one positive thing in his time on the floor, funny how +/- works sometimes.
  • Missing two starters and three of their top six rotational players, and still they scored 110 on the Celts, in Boston, on the back end of a back-to-back, against a well-rested Celtics team. Impressive.
  • The Celts actually completely changed their rotations to match up with our small lineups. I guess draining endless threes will get teams to do that.
  • The Iguodala charge was a questionable call. If that's LeBron or Kobe, the call goes the other way, but a borderline call like that with the game on the line is going the way of the bigger star 99% of the time. In this case, Paul Pierce.
  • 23 fast break points even though they only had 4 steals and 2 blocks. Impressive.

Overall, I don't know how you can really come out of this game feeling bad. They had absolutely no business even keeping this one close under the circumstances, and they had a shot to win it even after being down by 8 with 2:29 to go.

Players of The Game: Green and Kapono
Team Record: 5-10
Up Next: ATL on Friday

Enjoy your turkey day, everyone.
by Brian on Nov 26 2009
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