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A Good Night for Tank Watching

A troubling benefit of rooting for a disaster of an NBA team is that what is really a pitiful docket of games turns into a night full of viewing pleasure. Check out tonight's NBA schedule, and my best-case scenario for the night after the jump.

Bobcats at Wizards - Clearly, the Wizards need this win. If they can pull it off against Charlotte (10-26 on the road), the Sixers will move within 1 game of the 4th-worst record in the league.

Indy at Detroit - This is a tough one. If the Pacers win, they move a game above the Sixers, breaking the tie for the 6th-worst record in the league. If Detroit wins, it becomes a 4-way tie for #5 between the Sixers, Pistons, Kings and Pacers. I say swing for the fences. I want a Detroit win here. The Sixers can hang another win on the Pistons to break the tie.

Nuggets at Knicks - The Knicks would move a full two games above the Sixers with a win, with only 11 left to play.

Clippers at Mavericks - Same situation as the Knicks. Two full games of separation between the Sixers and the 10th-worst record.

Use the comments to update everyone on any games you may be watching, or whatever else comes to mind. Biggest game for me is the Wizards. I want the 4th-worst record in a bad way, but Washington just can't win one to save their lives.
by Brian on Mar 23 2010
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