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A Jaw-Dropping Stat

We've all heard Doug Collins talk about how he doesn't want his team to lose two in a row on their home court. Elton Brand has talked about it. Andre Iguodala has talked about it. Doug even talked about it yesterday. I always thought that was a great way to look at things, but I didn't realize how serious he was. Take a look at the schedule, the last time this team lost two games in a row on their home floor was November 17th.

A few simply questions with difficult answers to kick off the Friday/Gameday conversation:

  • Which Sixers team do you expect to see tonight? The team that beat Chicago, in Chicago then rolled over Houston and New Jersey only a week ago? Or the team that's lost three straight and looked bad doing it since?
  • Has this three-game losing streak been a direct result of not having Lou? If they have Lou, do they go through the prolonged offensive droughts we've seen over the past couple of games?
  • What happened to the Spencer Hawes that was actually contributing something for a couple of weeks and what can we do to get him back?
  • Evan Turner tonight, over/under 15 points?
  • Jrue Holiday tonight, over/under 40 minutes?
  • Reggie Evans tonight, over/under 2 balls fondled?

Brief preview coming later this afternoon, then the game thread, then the tip. Have at it in the comments, fellas.
by Brian on Apr 8 2011
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