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A Little Bit Of Charles

I've noticed something over the last handful of games, and it's kind of counter-intuitive. The most-effective way for the Sixers to start a fast break is not off a steal, or a block, or even a long pass to a leaker. It's for Andre Iguodala to grab a defensive rebound and dribble the ball up court.

Dribble is probably too tame of a word to describe what Andre does with the ball, though. When Iguodala grabs a defensive board, he immediately puts it on the floor, gets his head up and engages the afterburners. He passes defenders like they're standing still, and in the past three games I've counted at least 7 times where he's grabbed a board under the hoop, gone coast to coast and finished with either a dunk or a layup. He looks like the fastest man on the court, which he may be, and he looks determined to turn that board into points on the other end as quickly as possible.

I searched my memory banks to see who these plays reminded me of. It took some time, but the answer is Charles Barkley. Check after the jump for video proof.

Check out the plays Charles makes at the 2:05 and 2:24 marks of this video. That is what Iguodala has been doing nearly every time he's grabbed a defensive rebound.

Iguodala is fast becoming the most dangerous open-court player in the league, and his ability, and really his drive, to push the ball himself makes him nearly impossible to shut down. What's made him even more dangerous recently is the mindset to eschew his jumper when it isn't falling and the confidence to know that he'll get his points in other ways.

Keep your eyes on number 9 when the Sixers take on the Griz tomorrow night, you'll see what I'm talking about.
by Brian on Feb 10 2009
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