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Due to last-minute travel changes I'm going to miss tonight's Sixers/Bulls game. Probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but this will be the first Sixers game I've missed in about 5 years. So, I'm going to be leaning on you guys. If you're watching the game, please leave a comment here and let me know what I missed. Hopefully you guys will be able to carry the torch for me.

The Bulls are a perimeter-oriented team. In fact, the only two guys doing any damage at all are Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose. Miller needs to keep Rose in front of him and Iguodala must stick with Gordon on the outside. No open threes for him.

An interesting match-up of newly-minted franchise players in this one. Luol Deng is in the running for biggest flop to sign a monster extension, his main competition is obviously Andre Iguodala. We'll see if either one of them can improve upon their disappointing numbers, although I don't think they'll spend much time guarding each other. Mo Cheeks should have learned his lesson from the Celtics game when he put Iguodala on Pierce and hung Thad out to dry on Ray Allen.

The tip is at 5, enjoy the game and please leave your thoughts in the comments. I'll have a post-game up, but I'll be relying on the boxscore completely for it.

by Brian on Nov 30 2008
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