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A Market Correction?

Since last season, there's been one shooting guard who I thought would be an excellent fit for the Sixers. Mike Miller is the knock-down shooter the team has desperately needed. He has great size for the position, doesn't need to dominate the ball to get his numbers and crashes the boards. The problem, to this point, has been the competition the Sixers would face from other teams if Miller became available via trade. After looking at his recent numbers, I'm wondering if that's still the case.

Miller has been battling back and leg problems for nearly the entire season. In fact, health concerns probably had something to do with his trade to the T-Wolves, and the lack of an extension from Minnesota since he landed there.

Check out these stats: Since December 1st, Miller has missed 9 games due to injury. In the 13 games he has played, he's only scored in double digits three times. His minutes have dropped from 34.9 (In November) to 25.8 (in January).

In fact, Rodney Carney has leapfrogged Rashad McCants in the rotation and he's eating into Miller's minutes (Carney has averaged 23 minutes/game in Jan.)

So here's the question. Presumably, the teams who would be interested in Miller would be teams who believe they're close, like a piece away from something (the playoffs, division title, contention). If that's the case, would they really be interested in this version of Mike Miller? Would the injuries and the lack of production scare some of those teams off, thus dropping the asking price for him?

From Minnesota's perspective, does the emergence of Carney make Miller's $18.75M contract ($9M this season, $9.75M next season) no longer palatable?

If Kevin McHale even has a small inkling that he wants to move Miller, I think you have to take your best shot. There has to be some kind of a deal that can land you Miller for Dalembert, maybe a third team would have to be involved, maybe not. This is a classic example of buying low. Time to work the phones, Ed.
by Brian on Jan 14 2009
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