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wachovia_center_ext_300.jpgWell, not a new home, exactly, but it looks like the Wachovia Center is going to have to find a new name. Our favorite NBA arena's namesake is about to become the latest victim of the banking meltdown. According to the New York Times, CitiGroup and Wells Fargo are bidding on Wachovia.

If Wachovia is sold, this will be the fourth name for the venue since it opened in 1996. CoreStates Bank originally purchased the naming rights for $40M over 21 years, then CoreStates was bought by First Union, then Wachovia bought First Union. I don't know about you, but I'm going to miss The Wach. It was a simple nickname. Everyone forgets about the sports fans when they talk about consilidation in the banking world.

So what's the new nickname, "The Citi?" "The Well?"

UPDATE: It looks like it's going to be The Citi.
by Brian on Sep 29 2008
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